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Best Suburbs To Invest In Commercial Property In Brisbane


What Are the Best Suburbs to Invest in Brisbane for Commercial Property Investors?

Nestled within the vibrant landscape of Brisbane lies a plethora of suburbs brimming with untapped potential for astute commercial property investors. As the city continues to carve its mark as an economic powerhouse, certain neighbourhoods stand out, offering a compelling mix of strategic location, burgeoning infrastructure, and economic growth prospects.

Today, we’re going to be taking a closer look at the best suburbs to invest in Brisbane for commercial property investors. From the urban pulse of Fortitude Valley to the riverside allure of Newstead, each suburb listed has its own unique characteristics that make them premier destinations for investment property.

What Suburbs Are Primed for Growth in Brisbane in 2024?


Situated in the northern part of the greater Brisbane area, one of the reasons Caboolture holds appeal for commercial property investment is because of its strategic location. Not only is it around a 45-minute drive from Brisbane’s Central Business District, but it is also near the Sunshine Coast, offering access to multiple markets and consumer bases.

The area has also shown good population growth, meaning an increase in demand for services, and ongoing infrastructure development, including road improvements and new public transport routes, further boose the suburb’s attractiveness for business.

Fortitude Valley

Fortitude Valley is another suburb located close to Brisbane’s Central Business District that offers multiple attractive investment opportunities for businesses seeking accessible locations without the premium costs of CBD real estate. It also has an existing diverse economy, including hospitality, entertainment, and multiple retail stores, creating a resilient market with attractive prospects for investors seeking a stable income stream.

Another great thing about the diverse economy in Fortitude Valley is that it attracts a diverse demographic. From young professionals to tourists and residents, the suburb’s diversity minimises dependence on a single demographic and mitigates the risks associated with market fluctuations.

Deception Bay

While Deception Bay has historically been known for its residential appeal, it’s fast becoming a go-to suburb for commercial property investment. A large part of this is because the commercial properties on offer here are more affordable compared to most other areas in Brisbane, which attracts buyers looking for their first commercial investment property who want to diversify their portfolio without a substantial initial investment.

Due to its history of residential property appeal, Deception Bay has also seen a steady population growth, creating a high demand for local services and amenities, which, in turn, provide opportunities for commercial ventures.


Located just 21km from Brisbane’s Central Business District, Springwood has easy access to major transport routes, including a train station and the Pacific Motorway, making it a highly accessible area for both businesses and customers. It has also undergone major infrastructure projects in recent years, with improvements made to public spaces and amenities, including 17 parks, making it an appealing destination for shoppers.

Springwood offers a diverse range of business opportunities compared to some other suburbs in Brisbane, and it is home to large office spaces, industrial sites, and retail and business hubs. This kind of diversity allows investors to explore different commercial sectors based on market demand and their own preferences.


Situated close to both Brisbane’s Central Business District and Brisbane Airport, Capalaba is fast becoming a strategic location for many businesses, and paired with its easy access to major roads, it’s ideal for any organisation seeking a location with convenient logistics.

There are also many existing retail precincts in Capalaba, including shopping centres and outlets, which have created a vibrant commercial economy that attracts foot traffic and benefits businesses and commercial property investors alike. The growing population in this area has seen increased demand for various commercial services, too.


Loganholme is another of Brisbane’s suburbs that boasts a mix of commercial spaces, including retail spaces, industrial estates, and office complexes, providing options for commercial property investors looking to diversify their portfolio across different sectors. There are also ongoing and planned infrastructure projects in the area that are guaranteed to improve growth and bring in potential for increased commercial activity.

Loganholme’s location is also strategically placed along the M1 motorway, which runs along Brisbane and the Gold Coast. This makes it highly accessible and, in turn, an attractive location for businesses looking for both exposure and connectivity. Likewise, its existing industrial precinct makes it ideal for businesses looking to expand manufacturing, logistics, and distribution.

Spring Hill

Located on the fringe of Brisbane’s Central Business District, Spring Hill offers easy access routes without the premium property prices associated with the heart of the city centre. This makes it a great suburb to find commercial property in a strategic location that has also seen significant infrastructure development and continues to evolve.

Spring Hill offers a unique blend of commercial spaces and residential areas, which often attracts businesses looking for a locale that balances work opportunities with lifestyle amenities, potentially drawing in a steady consumer base. This suburb also boasts a rich historical background, and many properties have retained their original architectural features, adding aesthetic appeal for investors looking for unique or heritage-style buildings.


Newstead is one of the most desirable suburbs in Brisbane for commercial property, and this is mainly because of its strategic location close to the Brisbane River and Central Business District. Its riverside location, in particular, offers picturesque views and a pleasant environment for commercial spaces that can enhance the value proposition for potential tenants and investors alike.

There are also many mixed-use developments in Newstead that integrate commercial, retail, and residential spaces, creating a vibrant community hub in the process. This fosters a thriving, diverse environment that attracts foot traffic and enhances the area’s economic growth.


Underwood is located just 20km south of Brisbane’s Central Business District and already serves as a significant commercial hub that houses a diverse range of businesses, including retail outlets, industrial warehouses, and office spaces. This offers established appeal for anyone looking for an investment property as well as ample opportunities for commercial property investment across different sectors.

Another reason why Underwood is such a good location for commercial property investors is that it benefits from the continuous growth of the Logan City region, which has seen ongoing development and infrastructure improvements. This has increased economic stability in the area and, as such, is attractive to anyone looking for long-term investment prospects.


Milton is one of the most accessible suburbs in Brisbane and boasts excellent transport links, including the Milton Train Station and easy access to major roads and highways. This, along with its close proximity to Brisbane’s Central Business District, makes it an appealing location for investors looking for properties that can be rented to businesses looking to improve convenience for both employees and clients.

Beyond its commercial appeal, Milton also boasts a vibrant lifestyle with an array of dining options, cafes, retail stores, and green spaces. This blend of work and lifestyle amenities is attractive to professionals and businesses alike and fosters a balanced and engaging environment that is often in high demand and could generate a higher rental yield.


Ormeau is a suburb with a very diverse economic landscape, from light industrial areas to retail and commercial spaces. As such, it presents a range of investment opportunities and offers flexibility for investors looking to explore various commercial ventures based on market demands.

Ormeau has also seen steady population growth, which has increased demand for commercial services. This, along with recent infrastructure developments, including new residential estates and retail centres, indicates a flourishing local economy and makes this suburb an opportune environment for businesses to thrive.

West End

Renowned for its vibrant cultural scene, West End boasts an eclectic mix of artistic endeavours, music venues, and diverse eateries. This draws in a steady stream of both residents and visitors, creating a robust consumer base for commercial enterprises. It’s also situated very close to Brisbane’s Central Business District, which not only attracts professionals seeking convenient workspaces but also supports businesses trying to tap into the CBD’s economic hub.

There is also a strong demand for commercial rental properties in West End, as the suburb’s popularity as one of Brisbane’s most famous lifestyle locations guarantees a steady supply of retail, dining, and office spaces, presenting a favourable rental market for investors in the process.

Why Invest in Commercial Real Estate in Brisbane?

Investing in commercial real estate in Brisbane holds substantial allure due to its multifaceted advantages and promising prospects.

Local Economy

Firstly, Brisbane stands as a vibrant economic hub, fostering growth across various sectors, including finance, technology, education, and more. This economic stability forms a solid foundation for commercial property investment, promising sustained demand.


The city’s strategic geographical location as a key entry point to the Asia-Pacific region amplifies its appeal as well, attracting multinational corporations and businesses seeking to establish a presence, which, in turn, fuels demand for commercial spaces.


Brisbane’s ongoing infrastructure development, including transportation enhancements and urban revitalisation projects, not only bolsters connectivity but also uplifts the value of commercial property prices.

Population Growth

The city’s population growth, a result of both domestic migration and international immigration, also fuels demand for commercial real estate, particularly in retail, office, and industrial sectors. This growing population contributes to a diverse consumer base, offering a wide market for commercial ventures.

High Rental Yields

Finally, investing in commercial real estate in Brisbane offers a potentially higher rental yield compared to residential properties, which provides the investor with a steady income stream. It also serves as a diversification tool for investment portfolios, balancing risk and returns across different asset classes.

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