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What Are the Best Suburbs to Invest in Commercial Property in Toowoomba?

Commercial Property

Toowoomba is fast becoming a thriving economic hub in Regional Queensland, and many investors seeking promising opportunities have started looking to the Toowoomba real estate market. But what are the best suburbs in Toowoomba to invest in? That’s what we’re going to be looking at today.

Below, you’ll find information on several fantastic Toowoomba suburbs that offer excellent opportunities for commercial property investors, along with a guide on why investing in Toowoomba is such a good idea in general.

What Suburbs Are Primed for Growth in Toowoomba in 2024?

Centenary Heights

One of the most popular suburbs in Toowoomba, Centenary Heights has seen excellent population growth over the past few years, meaning there is increased demand for public amenities.

The suburb also has close access to parks, reserves, and education institutes, making it a desirable location, while the median sale prices in the area suggest that investors can expect high rental yields.



Another area with access to parks and reserves, including Tabletop Mountain and Tarampa Road Reserve, Rangeville is one of the most populated suburbs in Toowoomba.

Here, you’ll find loads of retail spaces, and the close proximity to public transport links makes it an attractive location for businesses that rely on footfall or who want to draw people in from far and wide.



Located close to shopping centres, schools, parks, hospitals, and more public services, Harristown is an excellent suburb to invest in and would be highly desirable to families and businesses alike.

Such a popular area is likely to see higher rental yields as well, and with such high demand, an investment property is unlikely to sit empty here for long.

Middle Range

Middle Range

One of the newest suburbs in Toowoomba, Middle Range has a young, dynamic population of professionals who want access to conveniently placed retail spaces and modern houses.

There are excellent transport links to Brisbane from Middle Range too, which is appealing to businesses looking to increase their potential clientele while maintaining a good turnover from the local economy.

Mount Lofty

Mount Lofty

Located on the North-East side of Toowoomba, Mount Lofty has many local businesses, including a food market, restaurants, coffee shops, and other services, as well as easy access to parks and reserves.

While it is slightly smaller than many other suburbs in Toowoomba, Mount Lofty is an excellent place to invest in if you want to attract renal opportunities from those looking for a quieter place to live while still having easy access to amenities. Likewise, it is a great place for businesses looking for property in an up-and-coming area.



A particularly popular suburb, Westbrook is located close to the Westbrook State School and College, meaning that there is often high demand from families looking for houses in the area.

You’ll also find excellent public transport links in Westbrook, and there’s even a free bus service that runs into the city centre. This is a very attractive prospect for retail businesses looking to reach a wider customer base or for companies who need office space that can be reached easily.

Darling Heights

Darling Heights

A huge rental market already exists in Darling Heights, and as an increasingly popular area, this isn’t likely to change any time soon. Along with existing shopping centres and public amenities, Darling Heights has excellent transport links that make it attractive for both businesses and residential renters.



Located close to Toowoomba’s inner-city infrastructure, Newton is becoming one of the most popular suburbs for commercial property investors.

As the suburb continues to gain popularity, so does the potential for increased rental yields over time. This is true of retail spaces, office spaces, and residential properties alike, making it a great suburb to invest in if you’re looking to diversify your portfolio and look at a long-term gain.

Kearneys Spring

Kearneys Spring

While Kearneys Spring isn’t known for its thriving local economy, the landscapes and the scenery it provides have seen a boom in demand from people from surrounding areas wishing to become residents here.

This means that the area would be a great place to invest in a residential property, but as the suburb’s popularity continues to grow, so will the demand for certain public amenities. With this in mind, it’s a good suburb to keep an eye on for a retail, office, or industrial space investment property, too.

No matter which of the suburbs above contains the right investment property for you, reach out to Revolve Commercial before you decide. Over a no-obligation 15-minute call, we’ll answer any questions you may have and look at the next steps you need to take.

Why Invest in Commercial Real Estate in Toowoomba?

Why Invest in Commercial Real Estate in Toowoomba

There are a few good reasons why you should consider investing in real estate in Toowoomba, including:

Strategic Location

As Toowoomba is located between Brisbane and regional centres, it makes a fantastic transportation and logistics hub. Many businesses will see this as advantageous, especially if they are planning to create distribution centres and need access to major transportation links.

Growing Economy

Toowoomba has also seen consistent economic growth over the past few years, and this has been driven by a range of diverse industries, including education, agriculture, healthcare, and manufacturing. What has resulted is a strong and diverse economy, which, along with it, means increased demand for commercial spaces.

Infrastructure Developments

There are also several ongoing and planned infrastructure projects underway in Toowoomba, including the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing and Wellcamp Airport. These projects enhance connectivity within Toowoomba, and as a result, the demand for commercial property space increases.

Diverse Commercial Opportunities

Another reason why you should consider investing in Toowoomba is because it offers a range of diverse commercial opportunities, such as retail spaces, offices, industrial properties, and more. This encourages a diverse economy in the local area, which draws in businesses and new residents while simultaneously allowing you to diversify your investment portfolio.

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