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Can You Live In a Commercial Property in Queensland?

by Mish Daniel | Free Information

Can you live in a commercial property in Queensland? It is possible, however it depends on the zoning of the property, as well as any specific restrictions that have been implemented. These zoning laws and restrictions vary by state and on a case-by-case basis. 

With skyrocketing housing prices and a growing population, many Queenslanders are looking for alternative housing solutions that are both affordable and unique. One such solution is converting a commercial property, such as a warehouse or storefront, into a livable space. In this blog, we’ll explore the various zoning designations for commercial properties in Queensland.

What Are the Different Types of Land Zones in Queensland?

In Queensland, every piece of land is included in a zone. The zone that an area falls into determines how it can be used. The differences between zones can be drastic and the land on which your home sits can be under a different zone than that of your neighbour. 

There are dozens of different types of zones under the planning and state development department of Queensland, however, they fall under seven primary categories:

  • Residential zones
  • Centre zones
  • Industry zones
  • Recreation zones
  • Tourism zones
  • Environmental zones

And unfortunately for simplicity’s sake, commercial property falls into all of these zones in one way or another. Check out our previous blog to learn more about the different types of commercial property. Now let’s look at each zone more closely. 

Residential Zones

In Queensland, there are seven different types of residential zones: 

In these zones, you can find a few different types of commercial properties, such as apartment buildings, retirement homes, residential care facilities, childcare centres, and more. You can live in some of these commercial properties, but be sure to check the specific rules and regulations around your building before trying to move in.

Centre Zones

Centre zones in Queensland include:

There are several different types of commercial properties that can be found in these areas, including shops, offices, food and drink outlets, hotels, highrise apartments, and more. You may be able to live in a few of these types of commercial property, but specific rules and regulations may apply. Be sure to check before moving in!

Industry Zones

Industry zones in Queensland are divided into:

The types of commercial properties found here include warehouses, service stations, offices, research and technology offices, and more. There aren’t many property types in these areas that can also be used for residential purposes, but again, it is worth speaking to a town planner or property lawyer to find out more. 

Recreation Zones

Recreation zones include:

While there are a few different commercial property types included in these zones, such as sports clubs, indoor and outdoor sports and recreation facilities, and more, most are not suited for residential purposes, although exceptions do occur. 

Tourism Zones

Tourism zones include:

These zones include resort complexes, multiple-dwelling highrises, hotels, and more. Many of these types of commercial property will be suitable to live in, although specific rules and restrictions might apply. 

Environmental Zones

Environmental zones are divided as follows:

Commercial properties in these zones might include nature-based tourism, garden centres, and more, and some are suitable for residential purposes, although specific restrictions and regulations will apply.

Other Zones:

There are a variety of other zones found in Queensland, including:

Many of these zone types are suitable for residential purposes, although, as always, be sure to check the specific stipulations of the commercial property in question. 

How Do You Find What Zone a Property Is In?

You can find out what zone a property is in by reaching out to the local council, or if you live in one of the major municipalities in Queensland, you can find out by using one of the following tools. To use them, simply type in the address you’d like to look up and they will provide detailed information on the property, including the zoning type:

Gold Coast City Plan

You can access the Gold Coast’s City Plan here. 

Brisbane City Plan

You can access Brisbane’s City Plan here

Logan City Plan

You can access Logan’s City Plan here. 

Cairns City Plan

You can access Cairns’ City Plan here. 

Townsville City Plan

You can access Townsville’s City Plan here.

If your town isn’t on this list you can still find out a building’s zone by reaching out to your local council or accessing online resources. 

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